Video of World’s Largest Snake Used as Topic in Facebook Scam

World's largest snake Facebook scam

As mentioned earlier today, Facebook scams that promise outrageous videos are back. One perfect example is the scam that promises a video of the world’s largest snake.

Hoax Slayer warns users about Facebook posts entitled “[VIDEO] World’s largest snake was found in Mexico.”

When internauts click on the link to view the video, they’re taken to a website where they’re instructed to share the post on their own Facebook timeline in order to gain access to the content. Then, they’re told to complete a survey.

In reality, there’s no video. Scammers can make a lot of money by tricking users into completing their surveys, handing over information, and signing up for various premium services.

If you come across such “videos” on Facebook, ignore them. If you’re tempted to click, it’s not a big problem as long as you don’t share the post, complete surveys or hand over private information.

In case you’ve entered your mobile phone number on a suspicious website, you’re likely signed up for some premium service. To unsubscribe, visit the site in question to find out what you have to do.


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