Hackers Post “Happy New Year” Message on Site of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education

Website of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education hacked

At least a couple of Malaysian government websites were hacked and defaced on New Year’s Eve. In addition, over two dozen commercial websites were defaced with anti-government messages at around the same time.

According to Astro AWANI, hackers of a group called Evil Shadow Team have defaced the website of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (moe.gov.my). The attackers posted a message which read, “At / 2013-2014 Happy New Year!”

Others have defaced the site of the Malaysia My Second Home Programme (mm2h.gov.my). At the time of writing, both mm2h.gov.my and moe.gov.my have been taken offline.

Authorities say they’re investigating the attacks. They’re trying to determine if the hackers’ actions are crimes covered by the Computer Crimes Act of 1997.

It’s worth noting that Evil Shadow Team is the name of the Chinese hacker group that defaced the Indian Microsoft Store a couple of years ago. However, it’s uncertain if it’s the same collective that targeted Malaysia’s Ministry of Education.


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