Facebook Scam: Most Fatal Car Accident of the World

Facebook scam promises video of car accident

Facebook scams that rely on bogus outrageous videos are back. In one of them, the scammers promise potential victims a video of the “most fatal car accident in the world.”

As always, there’s no video, Hoax Slayer warns. Users who click on the Facebook posts are taken to a website that displays a video window. However, when the play button is clicked, instead of being given access to the video, victims are told to complete a 30-second test to prove they’re over 18.

Each time the test is completed, the scammers make a certain amount of money. In addition, the cybercrooks trick internauts into handing over personal information and sign up to premium mobile services.

In case you’ve already clicked on the links, make sure no posts have been published on your behalf on your Facebook timeline. If there are messages you haven’t posted, delete them before your friends fall for the scam.

If you’ve entered your phone number on a suspicious website, you’re likely signed up for premium mobile services. Access that website again and check the bottom of the page for instructions on how to unsubscribe.


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