Windows 8 Ends 2013 with 142,000 Metro Apps Available for Download

There are 142,000 apps available for download right now in the store

Windows 8 has turned 1 on October 26, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft is ready to end its efforts of getting closer to developers and bringing more apps in the store.

In fact, the Redmond-based tech giant has managed to do a terrific job when it comes to convincing developers to port apps to Windows 8, as the store currently has a plethora of tools for both desktop PCs and tablets.

According to MetroStore Scanner, a third-party service that monitors the apps submitted to the Windows Store, there are approximately 142,000 items available for download, which isn’t really bad given the fact that most of these have been submitted this year.

Windows 8 was officially launched on October 26, 2012 with barely 5,000 apps available for download, but Microsoft promised to work together with developers to release more tools designed to make the most of the Modern UI and the new capabilities of devices running the modern operating system.

While the number of apps submitted to the store is obviously growing, the main problem right now is the overall quality of these items, as many are nothing more than spam supposed to steal a few bucks from users looking for advanced software.

The VLC saga is probably the best example, as VideoLAN, the company behind the famous VLC media player for the desktop, is yet to port the app to Windows 8.

In the meantime however, many third-party developers rushed to create clones supposed to capitalize on the popularity of VLC and trick people into believing that they are buying the real app.

At this point, there are several VLC clones in the Windows Store, all of which are available for a few dollars and requiring users to purchase them before downloading the installer.


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