Government Sites from Venezuela, Turkey, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia Hacked by BGHH

Venezuelan government sites hacked by Bangladeshi hackers

Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH) are protesting against “the killing of innocent Muslims around the world” by hacking the website of government organizations.

The group has targeted government sites from Venezuela, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

More precisely, they’ve defaced the main domain and several subdomains of the Ciara Foundation in Venezuela ( and the site of the Permanent Secretariat of the National Council of Universities in Venezuela (

They’ve also hacked the websites of the Kien Giang Customs Department in Vietnam (, the municipal council of the Saudi Arabian city of Zulfi (, a religious organization in Turkey (, and a subdomain of the Polewali Mandar Regency’s site in Indonesia (

Most of the websites have been restored. The one of the Ciara Foundation has been taken offline, and the one of the National Council of Universities is still defaced. Mirrors of the defacements are available on the hacker collective’s account.


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