Hackers of LulzSec Peru Leak Data from Peru’s Ministry of Interior

Peru's Ministry of Interior hacked by LulzSec Peru

Hacktivists of the LulzSec Peru group have once again set their sights on the systems of the Peruvian government. Their latest targets are the networks of the country’s Ministry of Interior.

On Wednesday, the hackers started publishing various files, including documents, emails and screenshots. Many of the documents appear to be classified.

LulzSec Peru says that this latest attack aims at demonstrating once again that the government’s computer systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The hacktivists claim to have gained access to the Ministry of Interior’s systems after hacking a server of Peru’s National Police back in November.

The attack on the police server was only the first step in a nine-phase attack that ended with the Ministry of Interior’s systems being compromised.

The Ministry of Interior has published a statement regarding the hackers’ claims. The ministry has confirmed that the attackers had access to emails sent and received by authorities. However, it says that there’s no evidence that the content of the leaked files is accurate.

A legal complaint will be filed with the Public Prosecutor in an effort to bring the culprits to justice.


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