Creator of Malware Behind Mariposa Botnet and His Former Girlfriend Sentenced

Matjaž Škorjanc and Nuša Čoh during trial (2012)

Matjaž Škorjanc, the creator of the Rimecud malware that powered the notorious Mariposa botnet, and his former girlfriend, Nuša Čoh, have been sentenced by a Slovenian court.

According to Graham Cluley, Škorjanc has been sentenced to almost five years in prison. Čoh has been sentenced to eight months probation for money laundering.

Škorjanc, known on the criminal underground as “Iserdo,” will also have to pay a €3,000 ($4,120) fine. Authorities have confiscated his car and apartment because they’ve been acquired with money obtained through his cybercriminal activities.

The Mariposa botnet was disrupted by authorities in 2009. Škorjanc was arrested the next year.

The malware, designed to steal sensitive information from infected computers, is said to have infected nearly 13 million computers located in over 190 countries. The malware author is said to have sold his creation to hundreds of cybercriminals from all over the world.


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